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Catch The Rent At Paramount Theater Seattle


The Rent Musical Play is now celebrating their 20th Anniversary and you can catch them at the Paramount Theatre Seattle upcoming events Washington DC. The musical play is based on the famous musical Broadway play as the plot goes on several bohemians. The play includes youth who are struggling with illegal drugs and sexuality. You can catch the play on February 21 up to 26 2017.


  • The opening will start with a song called Seasons of Love  where apartment tenants sing this song as an opening number. This is  where the roommates express their frustration about the landlord named Benny who has eventually married to a wealthy family. Back in the old days, this guy was also a roommate of Mark and Roger. As the story goes, you will hear another performance in the cyber café as they sing the song “You’ll See”


  • The plot starts somewhere in the East village of New York where a group of youngsters is paying their rents. The story will focus on two guys named Mark and Roger which are roommates. Roger is suffering from a shock because of a tragedy happened a not so long ago. This is where Mark tries to capture everyone with his film.


  • The story will open up your mind on how these youngsters fight their lives over drug addiction, trauma , sexuality, and AIDS. A girl named Angel, in particular, a character who is suffering from AIDS meets another AIDS patient who is named Collins. See them on how they become romantic on the alley later that particular part of the play. The song includes One Song Glory and Light My Candle.

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  • Catch the Rent this coming February , Paramount Theater Seattle tickets are available at online stores and ticket outlets today. It is s perfect musical play that can open the minds of the youth.